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First of all, pardon our English used in this website. English is not our first language, and none of us has English background. We are ordinary local people who live in Chiang Rai and want to share some of information we know about Chiang Rai. In writing the articles here, we don’t have any editors or proof readers. We just write what we want to communicate.
Despite, the obstacle with the language, we endeavor to send message across to cover information related to living and traveling in Chiang Rai. We really hope that you understand most part of our messages.Our aim is to produce as many relevant and entertaining information in Chiang Rai as possible. Chiangrai Bulletin is the Chiang Rai’s first English language online news produced and managed by Chiang Rai locals for tourists and expats in Chiang Rai and Northern Thailand.

For any query, please contact us through below email.
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