15 Beautiful Hotels in the Middle of the Rice Fields in Northern Thailand

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Northern Thailand is a popular tourist destination for adventure seekers for many reasons.  Spectacular mountainous landscape and lush jungles are among the top attractions that make this region popular. Scenic of rice fields is another unique feature that Northern Thailand has to offer. Walking, hiking, eating and staying in rice fields like local people do is one of the best ways to experience the essence of northern Thailand.

However, it is not easy to jump into local experience like that in a sudden because living a local life is hard for new comer.  Tour operators will often combine a handful of mountain and rice field excursions  in a single day. Imagine how wonderful it is if you can stay in the middle of the Northern Thai countryside, surrounded by rice fields and woodlands while still have all comfort you need.

This post we present you with 15 hotels that are located on (or at least very close to) rice fields in Northern Thailand – some of the hotels are not in Chiang Rai. To put the hotels in the list, they have to be in the authentic and harvestable rice fields owned by local villagers. Some hotels bought bought of rice field close by and let the farmers rent for it farming but most of the areas should be owned and taken care by the farmers. Since the cost of construction and maintenance of hotels in locations like this is not cheap, many of the hotels in the list are not cheap and some have negative feedback for being overpriced. Whether they’re worth to stay or not, it depends on the expectations and experience you have with them. Let’s see what they are.


1. Manee Dheva Resort and Spa

Manee Dheva Resort and Spa is located in the quaint valley of the Mae Salong river, on the road to Doi Mae Salong, in Mae Chan Distrcict, Chiang Rai. Built in 2011, right on peaceful rice fields surround by magnificent mountains, it offers Lanna architectural (Old Northern Thailand) style accommodation, swimming pool, free Wi-Fi and necessary room amenities.

You can enjoy an outdoor swimming pool at the resort with looking out rice fields. Grab a bite to eat at the hotel’s restaurant called “Na Kham Luang”, where you can enjoy drinks at a bar, take in a garden view. If weather permits you can enjoy alfresco dining in . Relax with your favorite drink at a bar/lounge or a poolside bar.

During the day, you will see farmers growing (or harvesting) rice on the field. At night during growing season (June – September), you will hear the sound of the crickets and frogs from the rice fields. This will give you true feeling of rice field stay. However, since the hotel is located in the rice field, bugs can be a problem in the evening while you are enjoying yourself in an open area.

Manee Dheva Resort and Spa - 03

There 2 types of rooms available here. Villa Twin Bed with starting price of 2,900 Baht a night during low season, and goes up to 4,300 Baht a night during high season. Two Bedroom Villa suit, with the price of 7,500 Baht during low season and it becomes 10,500 Baht a night during high season, is perfect for family or couples who required more luxurious stay. Breakfast is included for all rooms. The hotel has only 9 villa so you will have very private and peaceful stay.

The hotel is 20 km away from Mae Salong Central Hills and 35 km (about 30 minutes drive) from Chiang Rai airport. There is a hotel’s airport pick-up with an additional charge of 800 Baht per trip. Hotel pick-up is very convenient and hassle-free but if you want to reduce some cost, you can ride a metered-taxi from the airport, it will cost between 400 Baht – 450 Baht and take approximately 40 minutes. To get back to the airports or to continue with other destinations, you can call metered-taxi service and one the the taxi will come and pickup with the same rate.

Manee Dheva Resort and Spa receives largely positive reviews from travelers through TripAdviser, Agoda.com, and Thai leading discussion boards such as Pantip.com. Based on the reviews, the hotel is great in many ways with only a few niggles, and many the reviewers praise the hospitality they received from Francis, the manager.

Based on many Thai reviewers, is Manee Dheva Resort and Spa is one of the most preferable hotels in Chiang Rai, but it has a weak point for being too expensive for the Thai standard. Chiang Rai has good weather all year round and if you visit this hotel during low season as there is considerable amount price drop you can take advantage of.

Manee Dheva Resort and Spa - 01 Manee Dheva Resort and Spa - 02 Manee Dheva Resort and Spa - 04 Manee Dheva Resort and Spa - 13 Manee Dheva Resort and Spa - 14 Manee Dheva Resort and Spa - 15 Manee Dheva Resort and Spa - 17 Manee Dheva Resort and Spa - 18 Manee Dheva Resort and Spa - 19 Manee-Dheva-Resort-and-Spa - 05 Manee-Dheva-Resort-and-Spa - 06 Manee-Dheva-Resort-and-Spa - 07 Manee-Dheva-Resort-and-Spa - 09 Manee-Dheva-Resort-and-Spa - 10 Manee-Dheva-Resort-and-Spa - 11 Manee-Dheva-Resort-and-Spa - 12

Manee-Dheva-Resort-and-Spa - 21

All photos above are from the Manee Dheva Resort & Spa’s Website and its Facebook Fan Page (See the links below)

Hotel Type: Boutique Resort
Location: 352 Moo 4, Tambon Pasang, Amphur Mae Chan Chiang Rai
Suitable for: Family, Couple
Price Range: Villa Twin Bed  2,900 – 4,500 Baht, Two Bed Room Suite 7,5000 – 10,500 Baht
Accommodation: 9 rooms
Email: [email protected]
Tel: (66) (0)95 576-4690
Website: http://www.maneedhevaresort.com
Facebook Fan Page: www.facebook.com/maneedheva
Google Maps: 20.190227, 99.785768
Free Wi-Fi: Yes


2. Phu San Fha Residence

Phu San Fha Residence, pronounce as “Pu Sun Fa” which literary means Mountains meet the Sky, is a new resort-hotel located on a rice field with a beautiful mountain view in Tambon Inthakin, Amphur Mae Tang, Chiang Mai. Opened since the beginning of 2014, the hotel claim itself as a new Lanna boutique hotels on the rice fields. Outside the buildings look modern but the interior is decorated in Lanna luxury style with wooden floor and variety of antique-look decoration on the wall.

This new hotel has done relatively little of marketing but because of the beauty of surrounding areas, it gains a lot of attention from Thai discussion boards, and it is believed that this attracts many travelers from Bangkok to visit the resort in past one year.

Phu San Fha Residence is set on lower-rice-field area (In Thai known as “Na Loom”) where there is abundance of water all year all. This kind of terrain makes rice grow taller and more greenish than other area. The rice field like this one will provide beautiful scenery during growing season, but it is typically difficult to go out in the rice field because of mud and wet rice. The hotel has built a short boardwalk for the guest to get close to the rice field.

As name suggests, “Mountains meet the Sky” is what actually you will see from the resort – mountain and cloud in the backdrop of vast rice field. Besides beautiful view, there are many exciting local attractions close by such as Mae Ngad Dam with floating houses and wild swimming, Ban Den ancient buddhist temple, Mae Teang and Maetaman elephant camps and much more.


Phusanfha - 01 Phusanfha - 02 Phusanfha - 03 Phusanfha - 04 Phusanfha - 05 Phusanfha - 06

Phusanfha - 18

Phusanfha - 07 Phusanfha - 08 Phusanfha - 09 Phusanfha - 10 Phusanfha - 11 Phusanfha - 12 Phusanfha - 13

Phusanfha - 19

Phusanfha - 16

Phusanfha - 14 Phusanfha - 15

Phusanfha - 17

All photos above are from Phu San Fha’s Facebook Fan Page (See the link below)


Hotel Type: Resort
Location: 222 Irrigation Canal Rd. Banpong 2 Moo 7, Tambon Inthakhin, Mae Taeng, Chiang Mai 50150
Suitable for: Family, Couple
Price Range: 6,000 Baht – 14,000 Baht (*Note: This is a standard rate set by the hotel, but you will get significant discount of book via leading online travel agent website)
Accommodation: 10 rooms    12 units
Tel : 052-080647, 085-449-2888, 087-702-9888
Fax : 052-08 0648
Email: [email protected]
Website: NA
Facebook Fan Page: www.facebook.com/phusanfha
Googld Maps: 19.146928, 98.984633
Free Wi-Fi: Yes


3. Chiang Rai Muan Jai Home Stay

Chiang Rai Maun Jai Homestay (เชียงรายม่วนใจ๋ โฮมสเตย์) is a modern bare-plaster-wall house located in the end of small little-known road in Ban Dong Jaroen, May Yao, Chiang Rai. The house consists 6 rooms, 1 living room, 2 storage rooms and a kitchen. There is no check-in counter, no bag boy and no good looking receptionist but there is warm greet from the owners and 12 adorable dogs who will greet you upon your arrival. It’s just one ordinary big house!

Maun Jai in Thai means “Joyful” which is exactly the theme that the owner wants – a joyful stay. “There is no formality here, but staying here is just like staying with your friends or relatives”, according K. Arm, the owner of Chiang Rai Maun Jai Homestay.

Each room contains facilities such as air conditioner, in-room toilet, minibar, flat screen TV and in-room free WiFi throughout the house  and necessary room amenities. There is large living room down stairs full of magazines, books, internet connection and comfortable chairs with free coffee available for the guests all day.

There are a few free bicycles available for ride into the rice fields and to the areas nearby. Laundry service is also available for guests who stay long. A big space outside the house can be used for car park that can pack 5-6 cars. The room rate is 550 Baht a night during low season and 800 during the peak days.

Chiang Rai Muan Jai Home Stay - 01

Chiang Rai Maun Jai Homestay was open in 2014 but initially the the owners didn’t have intention to operate the house as a homestay at all. The house was just a regular house in country side. A few years back the owners of the house, Khun Arm and Khun Ball, started a Facebook Fan Page to show off the cuteness of their Pomeranian dog  named “Pok Deng”.

Only one year, the page had more than ten thousands fans. Some of the fan can’t get enough of Pok Deng on the fan page and started to pack up their suitcases and travel to see Pok Deng in the flesh. Since the location is quite isolated, there are not many hotels nearby, some of Pok Deng’s fan ended up staying in the house with the owners. After more and more guests come to visit Pok Deng, the owner decide to turn the house in to full-service homestay and it became Chiang Rai Maun Jai Homestay.

With 12 dogs in the house, it’s clearly that the owners are true dog lovers. Because of this all guests can also brings their dog along and stay in the house without any additional charge, only one condition, that is the owner must bring a dog collar and a leash for each dog. However, if you bring more than 3 dogs along, the owners will charge 50 Baht per dog per night. Without your dog coming along, you still can enjoy playing with these 12 adorable dogs the whole day. This accommodation is definitely not suitable for people who don’t love pets.

There are very few reviews in English travel websites but there are plenty in leading Thai discussion boards like Pantip.com. Based on the reviews, Chiang Rai Maun Jai Homestay received mostly positive feedback, especially from people who travel with dogs. The owners are praised for being helpful and warm to the guests. This is one of good pet friendly accommodations in Chiang Rai.

Chiang Rai Muan Jai Home Stay - 02 Chiang Rai Muan Jai Home Stay - 03 Chiang Rai Muan Jai Home Stay - 04 Chiang Rai Muan Jai Home Stay - 05 Chiang Rai Muan Jai Home Stay - 07 Chiang Rai Muan Jai Home Stay - 08 Chiang Rai Muan Jai Home Stay - 09 Chiang Rai Muan Jai Home Stay - 11

Chiang Rai Muan Jai Home Stay - 13

Chiang Rai Muan Jai Home Stay - 12


Chiang Rai Muan Jai Home Stay - 15

Chiang Rai Muan Jai Home Stay - 06

Chiang Rai Muan Jai Home Stay - 14

All photos above are from Chiang Rai Muan Jai Homestay’s Facebook Fan Page (See the link below)

Hotel Type: Bed & Breakfasts, Hostel
Location: 949 Moo. 8, Soi 7,  Ban Dong Jaroen, T. Mae Yao, A. Maung, Chiang Rai
Suitable for: Family, Friends, Couple
Price Range: 550 Baht – 800 Baht
Accommodation: 5 rooms for service (1 room for the owner)
Tel: 053-737374
Mobile: 089-7482972, 091-0355118
Website: NA
Email: [email protected], [email protected]
Facebook Fan Page: www.facebook.com/chiangraimuanjais
Google Map: 19.9561864,99.7879291
Free Wi-Fi: Yes


4. Puka Boutique Resort

Puka Boutique Resort is a family-run accommodation designed Thai Lanna style blended with Chinese decorations, located in little-known local road on rice fields in Sankampaeng District, Chiang Mai. The resort is a serene escape from the hustle bustle of the city but close enough to take a public transports such as taxi and Tuk-Tuk.

There are 7 houses available for the guests, and all were designed by the owner who is architect himself. For each house come with a spacious room with separate resting (lounge) area with a window overlooking rice fields nearby, and fitted with a flat-screen TV and a DVD player, suite bathroom come with amenities and hot/cold shower and necessary room amenities. The resort itself is kept in nature style and they use look-like-old teak wood for the decorations. Each house is connected by a boardwalk  through grass.

The location itself is not too far from Chiang Mai town, which only 30 minutes drive if you know the right direction. To find this place for the first time is quite hard for non-local travelers because there is no sign along the way, the road is narrow with many turnings and the area around doesn’t seem to be a place for resorts. On the trip, this often doesn’t convince the travelers that they head in the right direction. Getting here by Tuk-Tuk from Chiang Mai town will cost around 400 Baht. It is perfect for the couple looking for a relaxing quiet place to stay and still have access to all the major attractions of Chiang Mai.

In the resort’s garden, there is a pool that overlooks a small rice field. The rice field is owned by a school nearby. The students use this rice field to learn to grow rice as demonstration farming. There are spaces of rice the filed reserved for the resort’s guests to try farming along side with real farmers. There are farmer’s cloth to use for free. Staying and closely getting in touch with local lives like this is a truly relaxing and country-style experience.

Puka Boutique Resort received largely positive reviews from past guests through major travel websites such as TripAdvisor and Agoda. The positive reviews mostly come from the guest’s experience related to staying in peaceful area, big room, location close to the nature and far away from the city’s hustle. A few negative reviews are related to location that being hard to access, isolated. Price is quite a issue for Thai travelers.


Puka Boutique Resort - 00 Puka Boutique Resort - 01 Puka Boutique Resort - 02 Puka Boutique Resort - 04 Puka Boutique Resort - 05 Puka Boutique Resort - 06 Puka Boutique Resort - 07 Puka Boutique Resort - 08 Puka Boutique Resort - 09 Puka Boutique Resort - 10 Puka Boutique Resort - 11 Puka Boutique Resort - 12 Puka Boutique Resort - 13 Puka Boutique Resort - 14 Puka Boutique Resort - 15

All photos above are from Puka Boutique Resort Hotel ‘s Website (See the link below)

Hotel Type: Resort, Homestay
Location: 17/4 Moo6., Tambon Mae Puka, Amphur San Kamphaeng, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Suitable for: Family, Friends, Couple
Price Range: Low Season: 3,000 – 5,500 Baht / High Season: 4,500 7,800 Baht
Accommodation: 7 units
Tel: 053-965499
Mobile: 084-5170253
Website: www.pukaboutiqueresort.com
Email: [email protected]
Facebook Fan Page: ww.facebook.com/pages/the-puka-boutique-resort-เดอะ-ปูคา-บูติค-รีสอร์ท-/185848544804233
Google Map: 18.769690, 99.110930
Free Wi-Fi: Yes


5. Phu Pai Art Resort

Phu Pai Art Resort is probably one of the most well-known resorts in Pai. It sits on 70 Rai of fertilized rice field in one of the most beautiful spot of Pai, an open landscape of pure nature with fresh air and beautiful scenery all around. Here you can experience the tranquility of rural life and wake each morning to sweeping views of rice fields and distant misty mountains. The hotel is only 10 minutes to town center or Pai airport on a motorbike.

The hotel as 40 rooms and suites available in three different types of cottages featuring a pitched grass roof and shady veranda offering a rustic country style stay. All cottage are beautifully built and decorated in Thai and Lanna design and modern amenities for added comfort.

Superior rooms are beautifully built and decorated in Thai and Lanna design while modern amenities add more comfort to the stay. Superior rooms are the same but are located in a preferred area of the resort. The honeymoon suites come with a bathtub big enough to fit two people and an outdoor shower. The view from the hotel is beautiful with an infinity pool above overlooking a rice field and the mountains.

The resort also provide offers activities for example taking a visit cultivated farm land nearby for seasonal crops, herbs and rice plantation. The riverbank area for relaxation is only 500 meters away which is appropriate for all kinds of recreation and adventurous activities.

Phu-Pai-Art-Resort-Mae-Hong-Son-01 Phu-Pai-Art-Resort-Mae-Hong-Son-02 Phu-Pai-Art-Resort-Mae-Hong-Son-03 Phu-Pai-Art-Resort-Mae-Hong-Son-04 Phu-Pai-Art-Resort-Mae-Hong-Son-05 Phu-Pai-Art-Resort-Mae-Hong-Son-06


Phu-Pai-Art-Resort-Mae-Hong-Son-07 Phu-Pai-Art-Resort-Mae-Hong-Son-08 Phu-Pai-Art-Resort-Mae-Hong-Son-09 Phu-Pai-Art-Resort-Mae-Hong-Son-10 Phu-Pai-Art-Resort-Mae-Hong-Son-11 Phu-Pai-Art-Resort-Mae-Hong-Son-12

All photos above are from Phu Pai Art Resort’s website & its Facebook Fan Page (See the link below)



Photo by: Chirath Sriputtha (www.bloggang.com/mainblog.php?id=crsriputtha)


Photo by: Chirath Sriputtha (www.bloggang.com/mainblog.php?id=crsriputtha)


Photo by: Chirath Sriputtha (www.bloggang.com/mainblog.php?id=crsriputtha)


Photo by: Chirath Sriputtha (www.bloggang.com/mainblog.php?id=crsriputtha)


Photo by: Chirath Sriputtha (www.bloggang.com/mainblog.php?id=crsriputtha)


Photo by: Chirath Sriputtha (www.bloggang.com/mainblog.php?id=crsriputtha)

Hotel Type: Boutique Resort
Location: 92 Moo.1 T.Mae Na Theung A.Pai, Mae Hong Son, Thailand 58130
Suitable for: Family, Friends, Couple
Price Range: 6,000 Baht – 14,000 Baht (*Note: This is a standard rate set by the hotel, but you will usually get significants discount of book via leading online travel agent website)
Accommodation: 10 rooms  12 unit
Tel: +66 (0) 53 065 111
Mobile: 090 475 3655
Fax: (0) 53 065 114
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.phupai.com
Facebook Fan Page: www.facebook.com/resortpai
Google Maps: 19.396554, 98.431539
Free Wi-Fi: Yes


6. Yoma Hotel

Yoma Hotel is a contemporary style hotel with bare plaster wall, located in middle of rice field of Pai, Mae Hong Son, features spectacular views of Doi Mae Yen and Pai’s natural landscape. There are 33 rooms consisting of 5 villas, 4 Grand deluxe, 18 deluxe and 6 superior rooms.

Even Pai is cool almost all year round, all rooms here are  air-conditioned, and room has a private balcony with a sitting or lounging area with views over the rice fields and mountains. Sometimes live cows and farmer do farming can be seen from the window which means it is really located in a traditional farming area. Rooms come with satellite TV and free tea and coffee, minibar, in-room safe and necessary room amenities. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel’s area.

Yoma Hotel is located on the main road – highway 1095, but connect to a huge rice field in the back. Just only 5-minute drive from Pai Airport and the Walking Street Market, Pai is a 15-minute drive from Pai Hot Spring and 2 minutes walk to Pai River on a comfortable boardwalk from the hotel itself.

The town of Pai is 135 km away from Chiang Mai. Also the hotels offers car rental services but of you are to go Pai Airport of the town, there is shuttle service free of charge. If you want to explore Pai city yourself there are bicycles provided at front desk free of charge as well. But if you like to have private time, there are collections of book and magazine in the hotel’s library (who needs that?).

The hotel claims to have one of the best restaurants in town – Dum Ya Restaurant, which serves Asian dishes with international influences along with mountain views outside. If weather permits, diners can have their meals outdoors in a garden setting.


Yoma Hotel 01 Yoma Hotel 02 Yoma Hotel 03 Yoma Hotel 04


Yoma Hotel 07

Yoma Hotel 10

Yoma Hotel 11

Yoma Hotel 05 Yoma Hotel 06
Yoma Hotel 08 Yoma Hotel 09
All photos above are from Yoma Hotel’s website (See the link below)


Yoma Hotel 12

Image from chubbymonster (http://pantip.com/profile/558402)


Hotel Type: Resort
Location: 59 Moo 6 Tambol Viengtai ,Amphur Pai ,Mae Hong Son, Thailand
Suitable for: Family, Friends, Couple
Price Range: Low Season: 1,200 – 2,000 Baht / High Season: 2,4004,200 Baht
Accommodation: 33 units
Tel: 053064348 , 053064349
Mobile: +66(8) 3138 6667
Website: www.yomahotel.com
Email: [email protected]
Facebook Fan Page: www.facebook.com/pages/Yoma-Hotel/203696119643149
Google Map: 19.367891, 98.438973
Free Wi-Fi: Yes


7. Ban Pai Klang Na

Ban Pai Klang Na is a beautiful stylish bamboo modern-look bungalows, surrounded by green mountains and rice fields in Tambon Mae Hee, Amphur Pai, Mae Hong Son. The accommodation has 7 one-room houses with air conditioner, minibar, cable TV, DVD players and Free Wi-Fi. All house has a view of mountain as well as little terraces for setting down and enjoy tranquil rice field and beautiful mountain views around the house. Free BBQ facilities is also available for evening parties.

Ban Pai Klang Na simply means the cottages at the end of rice field in Pai. It is exactly what appears in the area where 7 bungalows are built on the edge of rice field and foothill. The hotel has a concept to provide comfortable and enjoyable experience in a very simple and sustainable living.  Therefore all houses are constructed using local materials such as bamboo and teak, while roofs are made from local palm-like grass. Water supply is from purified rain water.

Ban Pai Klang Na located in a great location, setting in a line with rice fields behind and in front. Just 1 km from Pai center,  5 minute drive to Karen’s Elephant Ride Camp, a 6-minute drive to Wat Phra That Mae Yen,  15 minute drive to Nam Hu Temple and Pai Canyon, Ta Pai Hot Spring is a 20-minute drive away and only 10 minutes to Pai Airport. There is transfer service to Pai’s walking street free of charge.


Ban Pai Klang Na - 01 Ban Pai Klang Na - 02 Ban Pai Klang Na - 03 Ban Pai Klang Na - 04 Ban Pai Klang Na - 05 Ban Pai Klang Na - 06 Ban Pai Klang Na - 07 Ban Pai Klang Na - 08 Ban Pai Klang Na - 09 Ban Pai Klang Na - 10 Ban Pai Klang Na - 11 Ban Pai Klang Na - 12 Ban Pai Klang Na - 13 Ban Pai Klang Na - 14 Ban Pai Klang Na - 15

All photos above are from Ban Pai Klang Na’s website  (See the link below)

Hotel Type: Upper scale Bungalow
Location: 199 Moo 1, Tambon Mae Hee, Amphur Pai, Mae Hong Son, Thailand
Suitable for: Family, Friends, Couple
Price Range: 
1 Mar – 30 Sep 1,200 Baht/Night
1 Oct – 24 Dec 1,800 Baht/Night
25 Dec – 4 Jan 2,400 Baht/Night
5 Jan – 29 Feb 1,800 Baht/Night
Accommodation: 5 rooms for service (1 room for the owner)
Tel: NA
Mobile: 08-3304-3300
Website: www.paiklangna.com
Email: [email protected]
Facebook Fan Page: www.facebook.com/GoPai99
Google Map: 19.357227, 98.451287


8. At Villa Sansai Hotel

With only 10 kms, Sansai is a district that is very close to Chiang Mai town, however many travelers don’t seem to be fond of it. Most people have a liking for Doi Suthep and Chiang Mai town better.  Sansai is generally perceived as agricultural quiet areas which have not many things to see and do. A remote and quiet area like Sansai can sometimes has its own charm. Staying in luxury accommodation while enjoying peaceful local live is what  At Villa Sansai Hotel tries to focus on.

At Villa Sansai is a  beautiful European-Indian style villa set in tropical gardens on Chiang Mai Outer-Ring Road of San Sai, Chiang Mai. It offers an outdoor pool and stunning views of mountains and rice fields. It is only a 20-minute drive from the city. All rooms are constructed with wooden floors and have a private balcony. They are air-conditioned and come with beautiful views. Select rooms feature large bathtubs which overlook the garden.

The hotel has 3 building. First building is a 2-story house built to be a dine house containing 5-6 big tables. According to the owner’s interview in various magazine and TVs, this house is made from second-hand wood from India. Nobody has verified yet whether the materials are actually from India or only architecture concept is from India but the house is really beautiful for people who love European-India arts.

The second building was constructed based on the design of a Thai pavilion blending with India style. It is for resting area, featuring terrace area with great views of peaceful rice fields and beautiful mountains.  The third building is a big 2-story house consisting 12 rooms for the guest accommodation, decorating is British colonial style. It has balcony facing rice field view. Around all the building is decorated by various Indian plants. With all the design, the guests are often surprised to see architecture like this in middle of Thai local village.

Staying here, guests can relax and enjoy refreshing drinks by the pool. The hotel restaurant serves European and Thai dishes. Meals can be enjoyed in the privacy of guest’s room. There are many attractions located nearby the arts and craft shops, local restaurants and the neighboring villages.


At Villa Sansai Hotel - 01 At Villa Sansai Hotel - 02 At Villa Sansai Hotel - 03 At Villa Sansai Hotel - 04 At Villa Sansai Hotel - 05 At Villa Sansai Hotel - 06 At Villa Sansai Hotel - 07 At Villa Sansai Hotel - 08 At Villa Sansai Hotel - 09 At Villa Sansai Hotel - 10 At Villa Sansai Hotel - 11 At Villa Sansai Hotel - 12 At Villa Sansai Hotel - 13

All photos above are from At Villa Sansai Hotel’s Fan Page (See the link below)

Hotel Type: Hotel
Location: 61 Moo 3, Khaotan soi 2, T.Sansailuang, A.Sansai, San Sai 50210, Thailand
Suitable for: Family, Friends, Couple
Price Range: Low Season: 6001,500 Baht  / high season: 1,5002,800 Baht
Accommodation: 12 rooms 
Tel: NA
Mobile: 089-553-2889
Website: NA
Email: NA
Facebook Fan Page: www.facebook.com/atvillasansaibyanoma
Google Map: 18.833797, 99.038449


9. Love Pai Home Resort

Love Pai Home Resort is a small family-run hotel set near a foothill of Wiang Neu, Amphur Pai, Mae Hong Son. The resort has 4 cottages and a main house. The hotel has 1 room in each cottage and 2 rooms in main house.  Each of the 4 cottages has its own unique colorful decoration, based on classical element Earth, Water, Wind and Fire.

Earth room is decorated with light gray color which represent Earth element. Water Room is set in light blue and white, Wind Room is not painted but leave the wall as bare plaster wall, and Fire Room use bare plaster wall painted with red color. All room feature a variety of comforts such as complimentary bottled water, DVD/CD player, terrace to enjoy the views of rice fields and small mountains nearby. Free Wi-Fi is available in all room.

The hotel is located on a quite road in Wiang Neu, which is 5.0 kms north of Pai town. It is not easy to get to the town, or airport without your own vehicles. It is recommended to have bicycle or motorbike to commute to this place. Transport service can be arranged at front desk. What makes Love Pai Home special is it is located in isolated area, and far away for the hustle of the city.  It is perfect for weekend getaway for friends and couples.

Love Pai Home Resort has been opened for more than 10 years, and so far there are not many reviews in major travel websites. This might be because this family-run hotel pays less attention to marketing and sales. The website seems not be updated for a few years. It is quite little-known among foreign travelers. For Thai past guests, Love Pai Home Resort received mixed reviews with tendency to be negative in the aspect of location, facilities and service. The positive points are mostly on being peaceful and close to the nature.

Love Pai Home Resort - 01 Love Pai Home Resort - 02 Love Pai Home Resort - 03 Love Pai Home Resort - 04 Love Pai Home Resort - 05 Love Pai Home Resort - 06 Love Pai Home Resort - 07 Love Pai Home Resort - 08 Love Pai Home Resort - 09 Love Pai Home Resort - 10 Love Pai Home Resort - 11 Love Pai Home Resort - 12 Love Pai Home Resort - 13 Love Pai Home Resort - 14 Love Pai Home Resort - 15

All photos above are from Love Pai Home Resort’s website (See the link below)

Hotel Type: Hotel
Location: 62 Moo 1, Wiang Neu, Mae Na Toeng, Pai, Mae Hong Son, Thailand 
Suitable for: Family, Friends, Couple
Price Range: 1,5002,800 Baht
Accommodation: 6 rooms 
Tel: NA
Mobile: 089-222-1315
Website: www.lovepaihome.com
Email: [email protected]
Facebook Fan Page: www.facebook.com/atvillasansaibyanoma
Google Map: 19.387336, 98.447126
Free Wi-Fi: Yes


10. Pai Vieng Fah

Pai Vieng Fah Resort is a beautiful boutique accommodation nestled within the lush river valley landscape of Pai, Mae Hong Son. Pai Vieng Fah is surrounded by rice fields, and mountains covered by beautiful green plant. Pai Vieng Fah and green surroundings will bring you closer to nature. Surrounded by nature, in the morning you can here birds singing and and when you step out the cottage, soothing green rice fields spread out before your feet.

Pai Vieng Fah has are 13 rooms  that come with private balconies with overlooking beautiful views of rice fields, the rugged mountain peaks. All rooms are decorated modern finishings, painted in 3 colors – white, green and purple and come with minibar, cable TV, free Wifi  and necessary room amenities.

With the distance of 1.5 kms, the hotel is quiet far away from busy lives of town, but close enough to get all the conveniences of town you need. The hotel offers free pickup and drop off service, including free shuttle service to two. There are free bicycle available but most of the time occupied by other guests. If you decide to walk, it is doable too. A walk away from the hotel to town is  lovely, especially in the morning. It also is only 2-minute walk to Ban Pai Klang Na, another hotel listed above.

The Pai Vieng Fah restaurant serves breakfast daily. Other services at the resort include laundry & free shuttle service to town and paid shuttle service if you want to go somewhere farther.

Pai Vieng Fah - 01 Pai Vieng Fah - 02 Pai Vieng Fah - 03 Pai Vieng Fah - 04 Pai Vieng Fah - 05 Pai Vieng Fah - 06 Pai Vieng Fah - 07 Pai Vieng Fah - 08 Pai Vieng Fah - 09 Pai Vieng Fah - 10 Pai Vieng Fah - 11 Pai Vieng Fah - 12 Pai Vieng Fah - 13 Pai Vieng Fah - 14

All photos above are from Pai Vieng Fah’s Fan Page (See the link below)

Hotel Type: Resort
Location: 239 Moo 1, Mae Hi, Pai, Mae Hung Son, Mae Hong Son, Thailand 
Suitable for: Family, Friends, Couple, Solo Travelers
Price Range: Superior, Deluxe and Cottage: 1300, 1800, 1900 (Low Season), 2900, 3500, 3700 (High Season) 
Accommodation: 5 rooms
Tel: 053-699-298
Fax: 053-699-070
Mobile: 087-293 2457
Website: www.paiviengfah.com
Email: [email protected]
Facebook Fan Page: www.facebook.com/PaiviengfahResort
Google Map: 19 21.345, 98 27.029


11. Hern Tai Resort

Hern Tai Resort is located in the middle of scenic rice fields in a small town of Mae La Noi, Mae Hong Son Province, about 30 kilometers north of Mae Sariang in northwestern Thailand. This hotel combines a unique Lanna style setting and attractive accommodation.

Hern is a word used in Tai-Yai (a local ethnic tribe group in Shan state, Myanmar) means a house. So Herntai resort is designed by adapting Tai-yai style to modern life. There are large rooms in a wooden Shan-style building and two expansive bungalows.

There are 5 houses with the total of 11 rooms – Hern Mai Sak (Teak House), Hern Fad (Twin House), Hern Toob (Small Hut), Hern Long Khao (Rice Storage House), and Kheing Na (House on rice field). The price is ranked from 700 Baht to 2500 Baht. All rooms are fitted with wooden flooring, air conditioning and a TV and Free Wi-Fi. The en-suite bathrooms have hot and cold water showers and a partially open air area.

Meals are not included, but the staff here will make you good food at a good price. They also arranged a motorbike for rest at the rate of 200 baht per day. Here the customers can relax with a traditional Thai massage service offered at the residence, and motorbike is available for rent at the front desk for 200 Baht a day.


Hern Tai Resort - 01 Hern Tai Resort - 02 Hern Tai Resort - 03 Hern Tai Resort - 04 Hern Tai Resort - 05

Hern Tai Resort - 10 Hern Tai Resort - 11 Hern Tai Resort - 12

Hern Tai Resort - 13 Hern Tai Resort - 14 Hern Tai Resort -15

All photos above are from Hern Tai Resort’s website (See the link below)

Hotel Type: Bungalow 
Location: 420 Moo 1, Tambon Mae La Noi, Amphur Mae La Noi, Mae Hong Son
Suitable for: Family, Friends, Couple
Price Range: Low Season: 6001,500 Baht  / high season: 1,5002,800 Baht
Accommodation: 11 Rooms in 5 houses
Tel: 053-689033
Mobile: 086-9153555
Website: www.herntai-resort.com
Email: [email protected]
Facebook Fan Page: www.facebook.com/HerntairesortMaelanoi
Google Map: 18.376591, 97.936573
Free Wi-Fi: Yes


12. Rai Saeng Arun

Rai Saeng Arun is a Bali-style, agricultural resort located along the Khong River in Chiang Khong District, Chiang Rai. This beautiful resort has 14 houses setting adjacent to the Mekong River surrounded by spectacular views of the greenery mountains. All house are stylish and comfortable, feature balconies and open-air showers, and are connected by bridged walkways over rice fields.

Each house is quite far from each other. For the house located farther on small hills, you have to climb up and it is good challenge. The views of the mountains in Laos which lie just across the river seen from the house are spectacular.

In Thai “Rai Saeng Arun” means a farm of the dawn which is the selling point of this resort. While staying here one of the best moments is when you wake up in the early morning to receive beautiful sunrise featuring mountain ranges and wintry fogs. A boardwalk is the featuring of the hotel, it will take you through the middle of the rice field to see stunning view around. You also can cycling to see the beauty scenic, trekking, and visit the hilltribe village or cruise along Mekong River.

The hotel takes the concept of being sustainable – everything about this hotel is sustainable, from the architecture (reused wood) to how they prepare their incredible cuisine. With every meal is made with fresh ingredients from your own personal plot of farm, you’re bound to leave this hotel healthier than ever. It is absolutely the ideal place to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.


Rai Saeng Arun - 01 Rai Saeng Arun - 02 Rai Saeng Arun - 03 Rai Saeng Arun - 04 Rai Saeng Arun - 05 Rai Saeng Arun - 06 Rai Saeng Arun - 07 Rai Saeng Arun - 08 Rai Saeng Arun - 09 Rai Saeng Arun - 10 Rai Saeng Arun - 11 Rai Saeng Arun - 12 Rai Saeng Arun - 13 Rai Saeng Arun - 14 Rai Saeng Arun - 15 Rai Saeng Arun - 16 Rai Saeng Arun - 17 Rai Saeng Arun - 19 Rai Saeng Arun - 20

All photos above are from Rai Saeng Arun’s website and its Fan Page (See the links below)

Hotel Type: Resort
Location: 2 Moo 3, Pakoob, Tambon Rim Kong, Chiang kong, Chiang Rai 
Suitable for: Family, Friends, Couple
Price Range: Low Season: 2,700 – 3,000 / High Season: 3,000 – 4,200
Accommodation: 14 units
Tel: NA
Mobile: 084-066-3824
Website: www.raisaengarun.com
Email: [email protected]
Facebook Fan Page: www.facebook.com/raisaengarun
Google Map: 20.396474, 100.298128


14. Homestay Tanong

Homestay Tanong is a small homestay-like residence located in the middle of rice field in a very remote area of Ban Don Satan, Pua district, Nan Province. Here you can enjoy mountains view and fresh cool air rear round. The house is just on one of the most beautiful rice field spots in Ban Don Satan (บ้านดอนสถาน), surrounded by lush, evergreen rain forests & a cool, comfortable climate. It is a perfect getaway for those who want to spend time alonge or love ones in the area almost of the grid.

While staying you can learn about agriculture such as planting and harvesting for all seasons. Travel to see beautiful pre-historic and ancient temples. The nice thing about Homestay Tanong is it is located on the edge of rice fields and the foothill of Doi Phuka National Park. In the morning, wake up and observe amazing sunrises and in the afternoon you can enjoy the picturesque beauty of waterfalls at Phuka National Park which is not very far. You can also visit nearby village, meet and greet with farmers on the rice fields, and enjoy a peaceful end to your day gazing at the colorful sunsets over the mountains.

Tanong is the name after its owner Mr. Nong who had been a community leader of Ban Don Satan for many years. After his retirement, in order to keep his daily life busy he decided to build a small homestay for people who are interest in living like villagers. Later he found that this homestay give him more joy than he thought. Now Homestay Tanong consists of 1 big house, 2 cottages with the total of 6 rooms.

The homestay is quite far from main road that most travelers would not know how to get there. It  is at least 700 meters far from the nearest village, and 4 kilometers from the main road which is literary in the middle of rice field.  If you come to the homestay by public transportation , someone from Homestay Tanong will pick you up in a bus stop free of charge.

Even it is located in remote area, there are full of modern accommodations include air-conditioners, fan, cable TV, hot water and coffee sets. kitchen wares and comfortable chairs on the house terrace.

Things to note, the homestay only provide basic toiletries such as soap and shampoo but they come in a very low-grade package. So the homestay owners themselves recommend the guests who want to use good quality toiletries, just bring them along. They will provide clean towers. The homestay also don’t include breakfast, but it provide Northern Thailand Food on demand, such as local food, Kun Tog set, tropical fruits, organic vegetable and sweet. You have to make and order at least 5-6 hours in advance to give them time for preparation. For those who like to do their own cooking, there are kitchen with kitchenware, gas, and other necessary cooking equipment avaible for free of charge.


Homestay Tanong - 01

Image: chillpainai.com

Homestay Tanong - 02

Image: chillpainai.com

Homestay Tanong - 03

Image: chillpainai.com

Homestay Tanong - 04 Homestay Tanong - 05 Homestay Tanong - 06 Homestay Tanong - 07 Homestay Tanong - 08 Homestay Tanong - 09 Homestay Tanong - 10 Homestay Tanong - 11 Homestay Tanong - 12

All photos above are from Homestay Tanong’s website  (See the link below)

Homestay Tanong - 13


Hotel Type: Semi-Homestay
Location: 96, Moo 4, Tambon Satan, Pua district, Nan Province,  Thailand
Suitable for: Family, Friends, Solo Travelers
Price Range: Low Season: 400 – 450 Baht, high season: 700 Baht
Accommodation: 3 houses 
Tel: NA
Mobile: 089-7618013
Website: homestay-tanong.com
Email: [email protected]
Facebook Profile (Not Fan Page): https://www.facebook.com/homestay.tanong
Google Map: 19.209153, 100.943196
Free Wi-Fi: No


14. Du Doi Suay Resort

Du Doi Suay in Thai means looking at beautiful mountains. This is probably exactly the hotel is trying to sell – beautiful scenery with majestic mountain backdrop.  The resort is located on the banks of Sai River in Mae Mai, about 10 kms from Myanmar border “Tachileik” and also only 10 kms away from the road to Doi Tung.

Du Doi Suay Resort is just on the side of Phahonyothin road, but it is very quiet place stay. It is only one of a few residences that have the best spot to view “Doi Nang Non” (Mountain of the Sleeping Lady) which is one of the most famous mountain view in Chiang Rai. It is also an ideal place for both a couple and families who like to relax in the nature.

Du Doi Suay Resort is the place where you can unwind and enjoy the beautiful scenery and landscape. There are total of 26 Lanna-Bali style cottages in the huge area of 30 Rai (approximately 12 acres) which cover rice fields, gardens and ponds. There are river view and garden view to choose from, equipped with modern amenities to make your holiday as comfortable as possible. The hotel also provide airport transfers with additional cost.


Du Doi Suay Resort - 01 Du Doi Suay Resort - 03

Du Doi Suay Resort - 02

Du Doi Suay Resort - 10

Du Doi Suay Resort - 04 Du Doi Suay Resort - 05 Du Doi Suay Resort - 06 Du Doi Suay Resort - 07 Du Doi Suay Resort - 08 Du Doi Suay Resort - 09

Du Doi Suay Resort - 11

All photos above are from Du Doi Sauy’s Facebook Profile (See the link below)

Hotel Type: Hotel
Location: 399 Phahonyothin Road, KM879, Mae Sai, Chiang Rai, Thailand
Suitable for: Family, Friends, Couples
Price Range: 1,000 – 3,000 / 3,000 – 5,000 / 5,000 – 7,500 Baht
Accommodation: 26 rooms
Email: NA
Facebook Profile (Not Fan Page): https://www.facebook.com/dudoisuay
Google Map: 20.338137, 99.885119
Free Wi-Fi: Yes


15. Chiang Rai Ryokan 

Ryokan is an Japanese style inn found throughout country-side parts of Japan, especially in hot spring resorts and rice farms. Ryokan in Japan originated a few centuries ago when villagers who lived along adapted their houses to be small guesthouse to serve travelers who travel on those roads.

Nowadays it is hard to find Ryokan in big cities of Japan because the cost of maintaining them is getting higher compared to modern hotels and more and more modern hotels are available with better facilities in urban areas. Also people in new generation tend to have less favor to stay in old-style accommodation.

Ryokans in Japan today are typically located in tourist or scenic areas in country side such near hot springs, mountains, sea and the most famous places are near rice farms. They become place to experience traditional Japanese lifestyle and hospitality, incorporating elements such as tatami floors (floors typically made from rice straw), futon beds (soft foldable mattress), Japanese style baths and local cuisine, more than just a place to sleep.

Now you don’t have to go to Japan to experience Japanese lifestyle by beautiful rice fields. Chiang Rai Ryokan is located in a remote area of local road in Ban Rong Plai Na (บ้านร่องปลายนา – Thailand’s Sufficiency Economy awarded villages) which is only 3 kms far from popular Wat Rong Khun.

Chiang Rai Ryokan started in 2012 as initially Ryokan Café to serve food and drinks as a Japanese-style cafe. The owners have include Ryokan as boutique Japanese inn in 2014 and becomes Chiang Rai Ryokan & Ryokan Café. There are only 4 room in 4 separated house each which almost-100-percent resemble the look and feel of authentic Ryokans in Japan. Tatami floors, futon beds and shoji sliding doors will give you experience Japanese lifestyle as if you are in Japan.

Only 10 meters from the Ryokan, you will see beautiful rice fields with majestic Doi Chaang Mountain as the backdrop. You can farmers come out the fields and work on their crops including rice, corn, flowers all year round.


Chiang Rai Ryokan - 01 Chiang Rai Ryokan - 02 Chiang Rai Ryokan - 03 Chiang Rai Ryokan - 04 Chiang Rai Ryokan - 05 Chiang Rai Ryokan - 06 Chiang Rai Ryokan - 07 Chiang Rai Ryokan - 08 Chiang Rai Ryokan - 09 Chiang Rai Ryokan - 10 Chiang Rai Ryokan - 11 Chiang Rai Ryokan - 12 Chiang Rai Ryokan - 14 Chiang Rai Ryokan - 15 Chiang Rai Ryokan - 16 Chiang Rai Ryokan - 17 Chiang Rai Ryokan - 18 Chiang Rai Ryokan - 19 Chiang Rai Ryokan - 20 Chiang Rai Ryokan - 21

All photos above are from Chiang Rai Ryokan’s website (See the link below)

Hotel Type: Resort
Location: 134 Moo4, Ban San Pu Loei, Tambon Buasali Ampher Maelao, Chiang Rai, Thailand
Suitable for: Family, Friends, Couple, Solo Travelers
Price Range: 4,500 Baht per night
Accommodation: 4 rooms 
Tel: NA
Mobile: 081-868-3010
Website: www.chiangrairyokan.com
Email: [email protected] , [email protected]
Facebook Fan Page: www.facebook.com/ryokancafe
Google Map: 19.819550, 99.744955
Free Wi-Fi: Yes


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