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Doi Hom Fha Resort Chiang Rai – A Beautiful isolated hotel (but little tired)

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Doi Hom Fah now with a new name “Chiang Rai Valley Resort” is located in the Mae Fa Luang district of Chiang Rai. Situated on a high hill, in the Mae Chan Valley, this boutique winery resort offers 360-degree views of grape, rice, oolong tea, and organic garden plantations across an area of 300 acres. Not only does this property serve as a luxury accommodation, but it is also a spa, and is located adjacent to the winery.

This is what most internet website advertise about this hotel. This hotel is known for quite some time as one of the top 5 most expensive hotel in Chiang Rai. With low amount of publicity and high price, most people know too little about it.

I’ve been in this hotel in 2008, and at that time the hotel was only 3-4 years old. When I went there, the price of the hotel was already more than 5,000 Baht a night but we got special deal. At that time, I had no interest in taking photo, so I have no photo of my own. But seeing photos from the internet, it is hard to believe that less than 10 years, the hotel got tired and old very fast. It is because of lack of maintenance or it is designed and intended to look this way, I don’t know. Let’s see inside.  All the photos below are taken from a travel website “Chan Mai Chai Khao“, own my Mr. Kitti.


Let’s start a journey. In order to get to the hotel, you need to take a long drive. First, it’s 30 kms from the airport a long Phathonyathin Road. Then turn left at local road, and continue for another 8 kms. The condition of the local road here is not so good. Sometimes you will meet unpaved dusty road. You will reach “Maepern Lake”, sometimes called “Maepern Reservoir”. Then you have to ride a small raft to reach another side.


Once you reach another side of the reservoir, there will be a hotel’s car waiting for you there. The photo below is the look from the lobby.


Magnificent view from the pool.










Views from a room. There are small tree branches blocking the scene. This easily bothers your moods.






The reservoir and dim light can be seen from a distance.


Lobby made from woods and local bricks.


The lobby is located at the top of a hill, 360° of surrounding area can be seen from here.


Very peaceful scene.


The best spot in this hotel is a dinning area. Not many hotels have a great spot for their customers to dine.


It is recommended to dine before dark, otherwise you won’t see mountains and great views.


Morning view.


This could be one of most beautiful sunrise lookout in Thailand.


You will feel fresh in the morning.


Tea plantation below can be seen from here.


The is the most famous desk in this hotel. It’s really hard to grab this seat because too many people are waiting for it.


This spot is excellent for morning coffee.




A pavilion of Pool Villa room.


In side a room. Look and feel in the room is just ordinary, nothing particular special.




At dusk, it’s quite romantic.


If there is balcony for this room, everything will be a lot better.




Another spot of dinning area.


Another angle from the pool.


The pool at dusk. This is one of the greatest spot in the hotel.




The hotel also offers a tour to winery nearby (believed to be owned by the hotel). The tour takes 1.5 hours. It was quite boring.





Now let’s go to the important part, room rates. The room rates here are very high compared to overall quality of the hotel. The minimum amount is 6,000 Baht ($300) per night. If the owners put more attention to adding more selection to breakfast, room renovation, tidiness, and adding more amenities, it will be worth more for value of money.

You can get special deal offered by the hotel from time to time in its website. It can be as low as 2,000 per night but normally it’s during low season.

As for the views, it’s just great.

 Room Rates

Room Type Tariff Rate (BAHT)
Garden View Villa 6,000
Moonlight Villa 7,000
Mountain View Villa 8,000
Lake View Villa 8,000
Family Suite Villa 10,000
Honeymoon Suite Villa 12,000
Pool Villa 25,000

Notes :

– The rates not include tax and service charge.
– Breakfast is excluded.
– No charge for children under 12 years old.
– Transfer by ferry to vineyard on schedule.
– Airport transfer is excluded, Airport transfer charge 1,200 baht per van / per trip.


In-Room Facilities

– Shower & Onyx Bathtub
– Hot Water
– Air Conditioning
– Minibar and Refrigerator
– Electricity Power 220 Volts
– Cable TV
– DVD Player
– MP 3 Player
– Wi-Fi Internet Connection



  • Great view of mountain and woods! Possibly only one among a few hotels that are situated in the isolated mountains.
  • Dinning room has excellent lookout. This will make you enjoy your meals more.
  • Some rooms really have good view from inside. Because mountain views are so beautiful, you can stay in your room the whole day.
  • Free Wi-Fi throughout the area, but the signal strength is rather poor.


  • Too far to travel alone. You would need a tour or a driver to find this place.
  • Majority of rooms  were tired and old. Look like they need a lot of renovation.
  • Exterior also look old and rundown.
  • Price is TOO HIGH compared to features that the hotel provides.
  • The hotel offers  too little amenities. For example, coffee or tea.
  • Hot water running very slowly, sometimes it is not hot.
  • There is too few selections for breakfast. With the room price starting from 6,000 Baht per night, you should expect more from the breakfasts.
  • It is ready hard to go there along. You have to have at least a tour guide to take you there.


So on what circumstances you should consider to visit this hotel.

  1. When money is not the issue. We’re talking about minimum of 6,000 Baht a night here.
  2. If you are looking for a quiet, isolated vacation away from the bustle of Thailand. This hotel is definitely for you.
  3. You have no interest in other activities besides to relax all day long within hotel areas. Beside a winery tour, there is no activities around here.
  4. You want to getaway by yourself and cut off all communications from the outside world. This is also a perfect for you.


Address:  23 Moo 9, Ban Pamieng, Mae Salong Nok, Mae Fa Luang, Chiang Rai 57110 Thailand
Phone number: +66 (0) 5391 8440
Fax number: +66 (0) 5391 8441
E-mail: [email protected]


Photo Credit:
All photos in this post is from Mr. Kitti, the owner of “Chan Mai Chai Khao” website. Please visit his website for more superb photographs.

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