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Five Countries Along Mekong Discussed Plan For Single Visa

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As Tourism ministers from five countries (Thailand,Laos,Cambodia,Vietnam and Myanmar) along Mekong River met at the ACMECS conference on the sidelines of the 9th International Travel Expo, which runs from September 12 to 14 in Ho Chi Minh City.

The five countries know as group of ACMECS (Ayeyawadi-Chao Phraya-Mekong Economic Cooperation Strategy) which formed in april 2003.

The objectives of this new initiative are to bridge the economic gap between the five countries and to promote prosperity in the sub-region in a sustainable manner. Such prosperity, it is expected, will not only benefit the five countries, but also add value to ASEAN and its solidarity. It is hoped that a stronger Laos,Thailand,Myanmar.Vietnam and Cambodia will also mean a stronger ASEAN.

The proposed for single visa plan is aims to boost tourist arrivals in these countries which by reports indicated that combined arrivals growth of 18% growth to reach 37 million in year 2012 ( Vietnam-based news agency ).

Earlier this year Thailand and Cambodia are two countries that already launched a pilot scheme and allow tourists who obtain visa to enter both Thailand and Cambodia. Tourists may apply for a visa at the diplomatic representative agencies of both countries.

Thailand and Cambodia ready to share the experiences with other countries for the concept of shared visa among five countries.

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