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Mae Ngat Dam a Peaceful and Relaxing Place

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If you are the one who’re addicted to outdoor recreation activities, prefer to stay in the middle of forest, waking up in the morning with fog covered over the water just few steps away from your bed.

Mae Ngat Dam might be your best answer, with a short drive from Chiang Mai City which is about 1 hour, you will see an enormous stretch of fresh water with more than hundreds of these boat houses lining up along the edge of the hills.

Could say that this is the best kept secrets place in Chiang mai.


There are many kinds of recreation activities to do here. First thing you should do before you’re to come here is to do a prior booking. It is the most important thing to do, even your visit just for a day or two. There are many house boats waiting for you to choose, and each house boat operator have their own connection for long-tail boat, ranger and food supply.

You can read reviews from some popular websites such as You will see tips for choose your own house boat.



The cost for accommodation itself is not too expensive. It’s less than 1,000 THB/night depending on tourist season you visit, i.e., high/low season and the demanding of visitor.

You may have to make phone call to several house boats to compare prices and then make a confirmation by e-mail/fax/text message to prevent of being overcharged later.

You can bring your own food and beverages, but at the house boat they also have snacks, ice cube, mineral waters, alcohol beverages available with a little bit more expensive than convenience stores outside the area.

I would recommend to prepare well on your food because you will have good time to enjoy it. So bring your own food along won’t hurt.


When you already made a confirmation to stay in the house boat, you step in area of dam you may call house boat’s operator again for arranging long-tail boat to pick you up.

You can swim in the dam but you need to know rules of safey first, better wearing life jacket every time you swim because some point of the dam is extremely deep and cold water can cause cramps.


Kayaking here seems to be another interesting activity you can’t miss. The rate is around 150 THB/hour.

Then you can rent fishing lures (or you can bring your own) and go fishing, once if you got fishes you can ask chefs at house boat to create menus with your own choices (cooking cost will be charged to your bill but not that expensive).

If you don’t want to stay overnight you can visit this dam as day trip, all you need to pay is fee for long-tail boat which you need to do bargaining and ask for the cheaper or you can charter if you want your sailing trip more private.


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