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Rai Saeng Arun Resort, Nice Place for Retreat in Chiang Khong

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If you have an opportunity to stay in Chiang Khong during this time you may feel frustrated with the noise and congestion of the truck, also ferry noise which ran across the river all day. This is because the construction of the 4th Friendship bridge between Thai-Laos is still on going and will not completed any time soon (might be completed around late this year or early next year). Then hundred of trucks are running cross the border to Lao PDR using ferry pier in Chiang Khong down town, caused noise pollution and traffic jam. Read more about 4th Friendship bridge…

But if you want to retreat and experience the wonderful sight of the complicated mountain ranges piled up together with the great basin of Khong River nearby.

Also if you want to see how simple and attractive life of Thai farmers is and you can enjoy working as a farmer especially in the organic rice field Rai Saeng Arun Resort might meet your expectations.


Once you step in the resort you will see lot of vegetables with non toxic substance that you can select to be series in your meal dishes.

All bungalows are stylish and comfortable, feature balconies and open-air showers, and are connected by bridged walkways over rice fields. The restaurant looks over the Mekong, The atmosphere will be more beautiful especially winter which has cool weather and mist-shrouded the mountains, flowers began to bloom.



But that does not mean you can not come in other seasons. You may like to look at green of trees and grass in the rainy season and of course considerable discounts are available during the low season.

In my opinion as I am locals in this area I could say this is recommended resort in Chiang Khong.

Rai Saeng Arun Resort located 22km from Chiang Khong on route 4007, which leads to Chiang Saen. For more information you can visit


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