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Collecting More Taxes From Bachelors, Hello I Am Single and Poor!

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A Thai academician, Prof Terdsak Chomtosuwarn, wants the government to tax the bachelors.

Terdsak, from Faculty of Economics at Rangsit University, said he wanted the government to launch the measure (collecting taxes from bachelors) to motivate the younger generation to have their own family and babies.

“The move is to resolve the the issue of shortage of labour in the future,” he said at a seminar on ‘The Economic Structure Changing in Two Decades’ at Rangsit University here Thursday.

He said if the government could not do it, it should launch the ‘first kid’ policy by supporting parenting cost, and reducing taxes for the families who have two-three kids.

Terdsak attributed the low birth rate or low marriage rate to too fast social and economic growth.

He said the younger generation, because of higher costs of living and parenting, preferred to work and have a secured future instead of having family or getting married.

“This has resulted in most of them deciding not to have too many children,” he said.

Terdsak said Thailand has a low birth rate now, only 1.6 child per one marriage couple.

Thailand has a population of about 67 million and while low birth rate is to blame for labour shortage, another reason is that many Thais preferred to seek employment overseas where they could get higher pay.



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