Yoga Working With Head – Heart – Hands

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Sarvangasana or Shoulder Stand Lotus Pose

Sarvangasana or Shoulder Stand Lotus Pose


The yoga we practice now in the 21st century developed as part of the tantric civilization which existed first in India and then spread all around the world more than 10,000 years ago.



When I started doing yoga it was still considered some “hippy dippy” phenomenon practiced only by alternate lifestyle folks and I was much closer to 40 than 35. Thankfully yoga has come a very long way since then. It is now a very high profile greatly respected “Health & Wellness” modality practiced by millions of people around the world who not only want to be fit and healthy they are looking for a recipe to relieve the stress and strain of trying to maintain a lifestyle and keep all the components of their very busy lives in “Balance & Harmony”.


Yoga is not a religion it is a science and for many of us a way of life based on yogic principles. The word yoga means to UNITE and TANTRA means liberating energy. It is still considered a spiritual practice in the sense that it is still a universal prayer for the wellbeing of all mankind.


I am not here to bore the pants off you discussing science and philosophy. I am here to explain why it works. I admit I am a “smidge” biased as I have been practicing yoga for 26 years and teaching solidly for 20 years. I know what it has done for me personally and I see over and over what it does for other people. I am now in my 65th year and still teach yoga 3 or 4 days a week and sometimes 2 classes a day. I hope that encourages you to believe there is a style of yoga to suit all age levels of fitness and personality type.


The Health & Wellness industry is a huge business all around the world and there are a plethora of options for people to choose from. What makes Yoga so unique and special? Imagine an apple! There is the outer skin and then the layers going right through to the inner core of the fruit. We have an outer skin and the benefits of the practices go right through all the layers of the body right to the inner core of our being.



Postures work on muscles joints and ligaments gently massage our internal organs. They have beneficial effects on the systems of the body ie) the immune system the digestive system the nervous system to name just three. We become stronger more flexible enjoy more freedom of movement. We start to feel relaxed and energized as we gain core strength and spinal stability and tensions stiffness and tightness are eased away.


The good news is the “Happy hormones” lift our spirits negativity anxiety depression are replaced by optimism self confidence and belief in our ability to succeed in life. So there are days when the “Dark Goddess” leaves us “downhearted” we have the discipline and control to tell the Blues “So long” just as the lyrics of the lovely old song tell us to do.



For most yogis the philosophy of yoga is our belief system. With the decline of Hinduism and the rise of Buddhism around the world back in the 6th century BC Lord Buddha influenced and advised the yogis in matters of ethics morality and purification.


Today yoga is a combination of Hindu and Buddhist thinking taking the best of the best of all that wisdom and experience and passing the knowledge down through the generations from Guru to disciple teacher to student. Now we have the opportunity to benefit from all that ancient wisdom that originated from the Vedic scriptures and the Tantric texts translated and presented to us in a thoroughly modern way. Most of the mythology and rituals removed. Once we are sitting on our yoga mats we are all travellers on the same path.


Yogis respect all cultures traditions and religions. No one’s beliefs will be undermined overridden disregarded or disrespected that is not what we do. Yoga culture has probably done as much if not more than the UN to unite people from diverse cultures traditions and religions in the spirit of co-operation and fellowship.  Outside of yoga classes there are retreats workshops social gatherings as like minded people come together in the light and love of yoga. Many lifelong friendships have developed in yoga classes.


Mokshadharma is a member of the International Fellowship Movement. A follower of Paramahamsa Niranjanananda of Bihar School of Yoga India and a Hatha/Raja yoga teacher in the Satyananda style Chiangkhong, Chiangrai province. 


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