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Eat Like Locals : Steamed Rice With Minced Pork and Blood “Kao Kun Jin”

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If you are one a Northern Thais and accidentally seen this cuisine’s image, you might feel very hungry and you might hear rumbling sound in your stomach. This locals recipe is called “Kao Kun Jin” (ข้าวกั๊นจิ๊น) or “Steamed Rice With Minced Pork and Blood in Banana leaf”. To make this delicious recipe is not too difficult, just follow these instructions :


1. Cooked Thai Jasmine Rice 1 Kg.

2. Minced Pork 200 grams.

3. Pork blood 1 measuring cup

4. Sugar 3 table spoon

5. Salt 1 tea spoon

6. Garlic 30 small clovers

7. Vegetable oil 1 measuring cup

8. Lemongrass(for deodorised bloody smell)

*Also to prepare fried dry chilies, onions, cucumbers and fried garlic as a side dish.


How to cook

Deodorising bloody smell with crushed lemongrass

Deodorising bloody smell with crushed lemongrass

1. Crushing lemongrass and soak in pork blood to deodorise the bloody smell.


2. Mix cooked rice together with fried garlic ,salt and sugar.


3. Add minced pork then follow with pork blood.


4. Mix all ingredients well together and left in a bowl, while waiting prepare banana leaf by cut in to 10 inches width and overlapping banana leaf for 4 layers.



5. Put mixed ingredients in the middle of banana leaf, fold and wrap with your own designed shape, tied with bamboo pegs or thread (might need bit more practise and skill for wrapping).


6. Put wrapped rice in to steamer and steam for 30 minutes.

To eat this food ,once if it finish take it out of steamer, open the wrap and sprinkle with fried garlic and decorate with sliced cucumber ,fried chilli and shallots and whatever vegetable you have. This kind of rice best with Northern style noodle soup called “Kanom Jeen Nam Ngiaw” which I will write how to cook in next article.


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