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Boomerang Rock Climbing & Adventure Park – A perfect place for exciting and fun climbs in Chiang Rai

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Although elephant riding is perhaps the most well-known outdoor activity associated with mountains in Chiang Rai, there are plenty of others on offer for the more energetic visitors. One such option which is rock climbing.

When we’re talking about rock climbing sites, Chiang Rai is not normally first place popping up in our head. We normally think of Krabi or other similar places in Southern Thailand instead. In fact, Krabi could be the Thailand’s most famous rock climbing site as it has lots of limestone cliffs rising spectacularly out of the ocean and has a flourishing climbing scene. Especially, Railay Bay is home to beautiful white sandy beaches, blue sea with stunning limestone cliffs towering into clear blue sky.

Although still very much in its infancy, rock climbing in the Thailand is slowly spreading beyond Krabi to the Central and Northern regions. Many new rock-climbing sites have been introduced; each has its own uniqueness and beauty.

Now you don’t have to travel too far to experience rock climbing. There is a perfect place to find fun climbs that are accessible to anyone here in Chiang Rai.

The place is called Boomerang Rock Climbing & Adventure Park.


Rock climbing site at Boomerang. Image: Boomerang Rock Climbing Park

We normally perceive that rock climbing is not for everyone. It may be true at some level, but that does not mean everyone can´t give it a go, and Boomerang Rock Climbing & Adventure Park does exactly that. It understands that rock climbing is a fun and adventurous activity that can be done by anyone. It accepts all level of rock climbers, even complete beginners are welcome to on the programmes.


A visitor from California
Image: Boomerang Rock Climbing Park

One interesting information about the park is Boomerang Rock Climbing & Adventure Park is the only designated rock climbing park in Chiang Rai province, with cleared routes for top rope climbing for all skill levels.

What it has to offer
Limestone karst up to 90 meters straight up. Two dozen routes fixed with top-rope anchors, average height; 15 meters, all skill levels. Much of the rock has been cleared of weeds and vines. It’s a private park, but rates are low. Top quality equipment on hand. There are also fixed cables for traverse climbing – up to 17 meters in width, and 20 meters from the ground. Plus, there is a fixed vertical line for practicing with ascender tools, and two tightropes with overhead safety cables.

Because of the shape of the property, the adventure park is called Boomerang. It is featuring rock climbing, fixed traverse lines, zip lines, frisbee golf, as well as a 2 hour treks nearby and an outdoor restaurant onsite. Rock climbing equipment are available at site (except climbing shoes, but athletic shoes also work well)


Cows usually come in Boomerang’s area
Image: Boomerang Rock Climbing Park

Experiential Education for Children
Boomerang Rock Climbing & Adventure Park is operated by English speakers, and most of the time the demonstrations are done in English language. Not only the park offers climbing activities, but it also uses outdoor activities to introduce the use of English language in a fun, exciting environment.

Boomerang Park calls this acctivities as an Experiential Education Programme for children. They use outdoor experiences as a learning tool. The park is available for bookings for school day trips, school holidays and extra-curricular activities.

The park also uses structured outdoor experiences to develop children’s life skills. Experiential Education Programmes aim to develop a child’s sense of responsibility, leadership skills, communication skills, self-confidence and co-operative behavior.

Children enroll in the Youth Achievement Programme with the park. Upon completion of the programme, the young people gain the Youth Achievement Award. This award demonstrates competence in a number of areas from rock climbing skills to teamwork and vocabulary.


Children learning rock climbing @Boomerang Rock Climbing Park
Image: Boomerang Rock Climbing Park

Normal Itinerary include welcome and introduction, cave trek including Buddha cave visit. The come back at Boomerang, getting gear together and start with slack-line (one or both lines), with overhead safety cable. Then experience Asia’s largest swing with with an arc of 45 meters as the park claims. The visitors can choose which of 3 heights you want to take-off from. Then continue with some more climbing on the site. A break for lunch. More climbing in the afternoon, at whatever skill level you feel comfortable with. The activities usually wind up with zip lines, with 3 runs to choose from. Visitors can also do multiple zips.


Lady visitor from Spain, volunteered with Boomerang for two weeks.
Image: Boomerang Rock Climbing Park

How much does it cost?

The cost is relatively cheap compared to other rock climbing tours. The cost is 1,200 baht per person for full day activities if you come as solo visitor. If you come in group, the price is lower to 600 baht per person. The reason to have higher price for solo visitor is that the park has to deploy the same amount of resource as it does to a grouped visitors. Therefore, cost for one person is always higher than being in a group.

In real life, people don’t normally go climbing alone. We normally need someone as a company or someone to share experience. The cost for two people will decrease to 800 baht per person. Whether you are solo or group visitor, it is still very cheap for all-day rock climbing activities.

At this price, you will enjoy all activities including rock climbing, zip lines, traverse climbing, slack lining, bouldering, caving and trekking with the park’s guide. Friday evenings are sing-alongs around a campfire. There is live music from the stage on every Saturday evenings. Restaurant on site offers western food.

Camping also available at the lovely site. Prices shown in the table below.

Number of People All activities, all day (Baht) All activities, all day plus overnight camping(Baht)
One person 1,200 1,500
Two people 800 each 900 each
3 to 9 700 each 900 each
10 or more 600 each 700 each

The park also offer half-a-day activities for those who don’t have whole one day in the park. Camping also available on-site, with the cost of 100 baht with your tent, or 200 baht with one provided by the park.

Tip: Form a group of friends and come together and you will get a good rate.

How to get there?
From Chiang Rai city center, go across Mae Fa Luang bridge. Then continue on the road for 1 km (Ban Nam Lat town).  Take left turn and continue west, on Soi 5. The park is 2 kms on the right. If taking a taxi or tuk-tuk, just tell the driver it’s a bit before the Buddha Cave (Tam Pra) across from Pattaya Noi.  Actually, there are two Buddha caves (1 Km apart) on that road, and Boomerang is located exactly between them.


The best times to show up is 10 am or 1 pm. Phone or email ahead, if possible, because there are not always guides at the site. A day or two before is recommended, but same day can be okay, as well as ‘drop-ins’. Don’t forget to call to make appointment in advance.

What visitors say about Boomerang Rock

Boomerang rock receives very good feedbacks from visitors via TripAdvisor since its opening last year (2012). Based on 19 reviews, it received 4.5 out of 5 stars. The below are the snapshots of the reviews from TripAdvisor.

Jenn_starr, February 2013
“I had a great time, it was a little big off the beaten track but our tuk tuk found it no problem. we got to do everything we wanted and it was such a thrill.”

Jurriaan T, January 2013 
“We wanted to go rock climbing and after a bit of browsing on the internet we found Boomerang adventure park and we decided to go because of the low price compared to other rock climbing tours. At the start of the day we were complete novices and they learned us everything, at the end of the day we could climb without assistance. The price is really nice and the staff is great.”

Andy 1967, December 2012 
“We really enjoyed ourselves. Ken and his team (especially Ron) were excellent hosts – so knowledgeable, patient and safety conscious. Our two children ( 8 & 4 years old) had a great time. The 8 year old loved rock climbing and the zip line. The 4 year old, was too young to do most of the activities but really enjoyed playing on the tree swing and the trip to the nearby caves. All in all, a very good time had by all.”


About Boomerang Rock Climbing & Adventure Park

Boomerang Rock Climbing & Adventure Park Boomerang is an adventure park that offers a range of exciting activities including Rock Climbing, Trekking, Fixed traverse lines, ziplines, slacklining, bushcraft and the world’s longest bamboo swing.

The park is located 3 Km northwest from Chiang Rai town. It is the only rock climbing and zip line venue in northern Thailand. It also has the largest swing in Asia, with an arc and height of nearly 50 meters each. A day at Boomerang can include caving, traverse climbing, and slack line (tightrope) walking. Also has camping, solar showers, and open-air communal kitchen.

Whether you are new to climbing or an experienced rock-jock, Boomerang Rock Climbing & Adventure Park will provide you with fun and exciting experience while staying in Chiang Rai.

Price: start from 600 baht per person as groups, 1,200 baht for solo-visitor. All activities inclusive.
Contact: 085-5255435
Email: [email protected]

Images: Boomerang Rock Climbing & Adventure Park

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