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So Natural Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici – The Bachelor 17 Finale

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“The Bachelor” Sean Lowe already headed to Chiang Rai, for overnight dates episode that aired on Monday, Feb. 25, 2013.

By now AshLee, Catherine, and Lindsay all had one-on-one dates with Sean. And at the overnight dates on the episode that airs on Feb. 25, Sean sends AshLee home, leaving Catherine and Lindsay as his final two picks.

bachelor-17-Lindsay and Catherine

Lindsay and Catherine

Those two beautiful young women are the last two standing. Of course, each date will include dinner (that no one will eat) and the option to use the key to the Fantasy Suite for some time away from the cameras.

If you ask “Hey, does the Bachelor sleep with all three women?”, Reality Steve who has been right for almost all his leaks for TV reality show, will say “yes. But not this season. He is certain that Sean did not sleep with any of these women during the overnight dates in a $1,100-a-night room at the Anantara Golden Triangle Resort & Spa in Chiang Rai.

Sean Lowe is a self-proclaimed “born again virgin,” so it’s a sure bet that the girls won’t be doing the horizontal mambo with “The Bachelor” this season. If this is true, Sean will be the first “Bachelor” ever to not fornicate on the overnights. That doesn’t mean they won’t spend time in the fancy room and perhaps take a dip in the obligatory hot tub, though. It may be more appropriate for ABC to rename the room to the “Fantasy Tease Suite” this season.


After the three dates are done tonight and everyone professes their love for Sean, he will have to make what is always described as a “heart wrenching” decision at the rose ceremony 2 weeks from now.

After AshLee leave without saying a word to Sean after he dumps her, that leaves Catherine Giudici and Lindsay Yenter as his final two picks.

Next Monday, the “Women Tell All” show will be broadcast, with the rumors buzzing that Tierra will appear on stage to take some heat from Sean’s other dumpees.

Then on March 11, 2013 the grand finale of “The Bachelor” which will be at Pa Sak Tong Villa – Chiang Rai, will air on ABC. Chris Harrison tweeted last week that the three-hour final rose show will include a live “After the Final Rose” show.

It’s likely the show will be in the same format as Emily Maynard’s “Bachelorette” season, witho hours of pre-recorded “Bachelor” goodness and a live show featuring the new couple, Sean Lowe and his bride to be.

Bonnie and Clyde, Episode 10

Sean Lowe preparing for the Final Rose in Pa Sak Tong Villa, Chiang Rai, Thailand
Credit: Copyright © 2012 ABC Studios / Dave Hagerman


Bonnie and Clyde, Episode 10

Sean Lowe preparing for the Final Rose in Pa Sak Tong Villa, Chiang Rai, Thailand
Credit: Copyright © 2012 ABC Studios / Dave Hagerman


Bonnie and Clyde, Episode 10

Sean Lowe preparing for the Final Rose in Pa Sak Tong Villa, Chiang Rai, Thailand
Credit: Copyright © 2012 ABC Studios / Dave Hagerman


Ok, who Will Sean Choose?:
By now the whole world would already know that Sean picks Catherine. If you’ve been following all the episodes, you would agree with Sean’s decision.


Catherine Giudici, ‘The Bachelor’ 2013 projected winner
Credit: Facebook/Twitter


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Chiangrai Bulletin’s comments
It’s clearly that among the final three, AshLee has fallen head over heels in love with Sean the most. She is very clear and open that she truly love Sean. Above all, she is the most beautiful, refined, loving, and more mature than the rest of the girls. She is also very open and sincere, and Sean knew it. In terms of willing to go forward for love, AshLee is to be best of the finalists. She is no doubt would be a women that any guy ever wants. However, AshLee is a little too intense and throughout the date with Sean in Southern Thailand she still let her insecurities continue to take over. She focused too much energy on her past rather than on a bright future with Sean, and that might scared Sean the most. Frankly, the chemistry between AshLee and Sean is still low when compared to Catherine and Desiree.

Lindsay obviously loved Sean a lot. When Sean was around her, she can bring a lot of fun than anyone else. During the hometown date, it looks like that Sean has the most fun and relaxed time than another other hometown dates.  Lindsay  even though the way she told Sean that she loves him during the over night-date was pretty dull. Lindsay has been the clear front-runner to win the whole thing. In many ways, she seems to be a little too immature for Sean.

Catherine is obviously a kind of dark hours. She didn’t shine to Sean, but some way the chemistry developed between them bit by bit. Until they got together alone in Canada’s episode, they broke the tension. Sean and Catherine are more natural together than anyone else. Sean has kept Catherine around two weeks in a row while they didn’t have much interaction during that period. In later episodes, Sean seems more at ease and in the moment with Catherine, something that is pretty important in a man’s future wife.

During the finale promo, Chris Harrison handed Sean a mysterious letter that make million of fans wonder about its source. It was believed to be from Catherine, according to’s spoiler. Could this change everything and make Sean pick Catherine at the end? Nobody knows at this point. However, one thing that is obvious only Catherine and Desiree have continuous chemistry with Sean until the end. Why Catherine was chosen by Sean as is future wife? Keep watching the Bachelor 2013 finale on 11 March 2013.

See YouTube clips (uploaded by iluvromance814) below how so natural they are.


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