Bachelor 2013 Finale Episode – in Chiang Rai, Revealing Spoilers

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Millions of fans have been watching Sean Lowe’s journey to find love on The Bachelor for the past 8 weeks but with only a few episodes left the excitement is getting harder and harder to handle. There are just two episodes left before The Bachelor, Sean Lowe, is faced with his final rose ceremony. The the final rose ceremony was filmed last winter here in Chiang Rai and it will be aired on 11 March.

Back to last episode, on the Feb. 25 episode of The Bachelor, Sean Lowe takes his final three ladies to Thailand for the sexy fantasy suite dates, and while things heat up between Sean and AshLee and Lindsay. Catherine admits how traditional she is by hesitating to go into the fantasy suite.


In Thailand Sean’s dates included a trip to a Thai market, along with a secluded beach which was surrounded by a rain forest and a sexy afternoon boat ride on the water. Sean pondered throughout the evening as to what his future would be like with each of his three ladies but only two made the cut! Here is the final two of the show.

Bachelor 2013 finale episode revealing spoilers & clips released. Thanks to Reality Steve, we have the juicy spoilers for the highly anticipated finale episode of the Bachelor 2013, where Sean Lowe will finally cut the crap, and pick one of these damn ladies to be his wife, already. The below preview clip is a wild sneak peek.


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It is clear from the finale preview, the finale episode will take place at Pa Sok Tong Villa just outside of Chiang Rai. Again, this is not the same hotel as where they have stayed. The hotel they stayed is Anantara Golden Triangle Resort & Spa. Judging from the sneak peek, clip, the final two girls, Lindsay Yenter and Catherine Giudici, will visit Sean’s family at one point.

They also go on more one on one dates that involve more cheesy romantic kissing and talking, and so on and so forth. At one point, Sean’s father reveals that he really likes Catherine a lot as he told her, he’ll always view her as his daughter even if Sean doesn’t pick her! On the other hand, Sean’s mother is spotted, telling Sean that she doesn’t think he should propose to either one of the girls!


Sean’s father won’t have to worry about Sean not picking Catherine, because based on a lot of spoiler so far, we can say with about 99.9 percent accuracy that Sean does pick Catherine, and sends sweet Lindsay right on back home. She is reportedly the new Bachelorette for 2013!

The finale episode airs Monday, March 11th at 7pm central time on ABC.


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