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Construction of 4th Friendship bridge between Thai-Lao is completed.

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The fourth Friendship Bridge that will link Laos and Thailand across the Mekong River will open in 2013 a year behind schedule. The bridge should open in 2012, but work has been delayed slightly due to project financing that slowed down after the global financial crisis.Now the construction of the bridge is completed. Wait for the official opening ceremony Which is expected to open around the end of the year.  The bridge will span the river between two districts; Chiang Khong in Chiang Rai province, Thailand and Huayxai in Bokeo province, Laos.The bridge is part of the Greater Mekong sub-region north-south economic corridor project(GMS).


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It will connect Donsavan village in Huayxai district in Bokeo province with Ing village in Chiang Khong district of Thailand’s Chiang Rai province.The bridge will facilitate land transport to Kunming in China using the R3A Highway which is about 9 km from the bridge. The distance from Chiang Rai to Kunming is around 1030 km.The 4th Mekong River Bridge Construction Project is jointly funded by Thailand and China involving a US$44.8 million investment, shared equally. The Lao and Thai governments are each contributing 50% of the construction cost.When completed, the bridge will be 630 metres long (480 metres over the river) and 14.7 metres wide. The project also includes the construction of 11 km road (5 km on the Thai side and 6 km on Lao side); a common control area and traffic direction change point.CR5-KT Group of China and Krung Thon Engineering of Thailand are jointly building the bridge and support facilities.

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This bride is not only connect between Thai and Lao, as you know in next 2-3 years Asean Economics Community(AEC) are going to be happen. Transportations and logistics will become popular in this region.

Opposite Thai border there also have Nakaraj Nakorn ( the City of Naka ) which is under construction by AAC Green City Group.They claim to be South East Asia’s new Gateway to China located in Houayxai, Over 600 acres of land concession granted by Government of Laos to AAC Green City Lao Ltd to undertake the development of this newly integrated boutique resorts to include 5 Stars Hotel , Golf Course, Resort & Spa, 200-300 units of duty free shop, Integrated Tourist Center & Entertainments, Bus and Boat Terminals, Petrol Station & Convenient Stores, Logistics etc .

Imagine what’s going to happen next………


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