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Chiangrai Asean Flower Festival 2012

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Chiangrai ,each year we have “Flower Festival” which The festival is held annually. End of December to early January.

But this year will be even bigger than every year for celebrate 750th  years of Chiangrai and for preparing to AEC(Asean Economic Community)

The exhibit consists of temperate flowers. Tropical flowers. And rare plants.

Not only plants and florals there will be some interesting animals to show up in this festival such as Penguins, Dwarf horses ,Flamingos etc.

Hilight of the season. You will be exposed to the cold of the snow and Eskimo , Beauty pageant from 10 AEC country .

And this year we will have new year counting down in this festival.

If you want to join for this greatful annual festival just visit for “free” between 22December 2012 till 6th January 2013 at Kok river bridge(just next to Chiangrai International airport)

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